Statements of the vigilante murderer Wilfrido Murcia in SITP

This Wednesday they met unpublished details of the murder carried out by Jackson Javier Castiblanco (alias ‘el Calvo’), who shot dead the vigilante Wilfrido Murcia on a bus of the SITP that was mobilized by the south of Bogota. A couple of days ago, the offender accepted the charges for the crime he committed.

What happened on the bus during the event was known thanks to the testimony that one of the murderer’s accomplices gave to the prosecutor in the case, which was revealed by Blu Radio. In fact, that second offender turned himself in to authorities last week and gave key information so that on Saturday they captured ‘El Calvo’.

According to what was told by the accomplice, who was exposed by the prosecutor at the hearing in which his capture was legalized, the murderer killed the vigilante Murcia because he refused to be mugged and reacted against him by pulling out a stick and a knife. ‘El Calvo’ told his friend that the robbery got out of hand.

The prosecutor in the case assured that Jackson told his partner: “Everything got out of control, the old man did not want to cooperate and he sent me with a stick. I told him: ‘Old man, let go of the stick, don’t get shot’, and he shoved me in the head, took out a knife and sent me over and then I had to hit him with his bullet. I hit the first one and it was as if I hadn’t done anything to him and then I hit the second one, but I already felt that everyone grabbed me ”.

As soon as he got on the bus to carry out the robbery and subsequent murder, the criminal told the passengers: “I don’t want to kill anyone. Cell phones, whoever stopped killed him and (Jackson’s accomplice) heard: ‘Man, put that stick down, don’t get fired, put that stick down.’ Two seconds later, hear two shots“Said the prosecutor, quoted by the station.

The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed after capturing Castiblanco that he threw a black jacket that he was wearing and a pen, objects that ended up condemning him because the investigating entity used the fingerprints left on them to achieve the full identification of the criminal.

The authorities’ investigation also determined that alias ‘el Calvo’ I was serving a measure of house for jail for another murder committed in 2009.

The sentence that the murderer of the vigilante Murcia will receive for the crime he perpetuated on December 15 will soon be known.


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