Steam adds more features to PS5 and Xbox Series X / S controllers

The controllers of the new generation consoles are improving their compatibility with the PC. The give the beta actual de Steam aade various functionalities al DualSense, the PlayStation 5 controller, and the Xbox Series X / S controller. Valve has been gradually improving the compatibility of its digital store with these pads since they went on sale in November 2020.

Regarding the DualSense, players can customize LED surrounding the touch panel. In the customization menu of the remote you can choose that the light is off or on, or that it only turns on when there are several DualSense connected to the same computer. Features that make Sony unique, such as hepatic response and adaptive triggers, are not yet available on PC.

Steam games can use the vibration of the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One controller triggers

Regarding Microsoft’s new console controller, players can now assign whatever functionality they want to the bottom Share from the center of pad; On Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One it works for taking screenshots and videos, but when connected to PC it has no default function assigned.

Also, Steam can now recognize more than four Xbox controllers Series X / S, Xbox One and Xbox 360 connected to the same computer. The vibration of the lower triggers (LT and RT) now works on Steam games that use the “Windows.Gaming.Input” API. Those who have a I send Xbox Elite can assign the function they want to the rear sticks of the controller with the latest Steam beta version, which also adds other functions on different devices.

For access the beta version of Steam follow the steps below:

  • 1. With Steam running, click on Steam in the upper left and select the option Parmetros (Preferences on Mac).
  • 2. On the Account tab, under Beta Participation, click the button CHANGE.
  • 3. Select Steam Beta Update from the drop-down list and click TO ACCEPT.
  • 4. You will be asked to restart Steam. Choose REINICIAR STEAM.


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