Steam bans blockchain games from listing Epic, but welcomes it but has certain restrictions-Hong Kong

Recently, NFT has become quite popular, and games with NFT elements have also appeared one after another. However, for this new model, the game platform has a different approach. Steam has stated earlier that blockchain games are prohibited from being put on the shelves, but Epic has adopted a different strategy.

Valve stated earlier that the Steam platform will not accept games that can trade NFT or cryptocurrency, and the developers of related games are dissatisfied with this. Another game platform, Epic Game Store, has adopted a different strategy. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney recently stated that although they have not been involved in NFT, they welcome games with NFT or cryptocurrency elements to be put on the platform.

Epic said that they will not ban these games across the board, but there will be certain restrictions. For example, games need to comply with financial laws, clearly indicate how to use the blockchain, and implement corresponding age restrictions. They emphasized that they hope to further cooperate with these early developers who invested in blockchain technology to open up this new market.

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