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Game publisher Devolver Digital cooperated with independent game development team Free Lives to announce the forthcoming new work “Terra Nil” (Terra Nil), in which players will work hard to recover the global environment from a barren, and environmental protection fighters who love nature absolutely do not miss it!

During the game of “Rebirth”, players must pass through several levels to “restore” the environment, cultivate ecological diversity, mend climate change, and even recycle buildings built by players in the past to achieve the final open end. .


This game is programmed to generate, players will face a variety of different challenges, travel the entire planet, restore different terrain landscapes and regional unique flora and fauna.

There is only one goal, to make this barren land become prosperous again, through adjustment methods, different regions can develop unique weather systems, and there are wonderful interactive game music waiting for players to explore in detail.

It is very healing to watch the environment gradually recover, and more importantly, there seems to be no humans on this planet. It is a green finger simulator to experience God’s perspective!

Interested players can try this game in the Steam New Product Festival from 6/17 onwards. For more information, please refer toOfficial websiteOr track @devolverdigital Twitter account.


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