Steam reveals the games that grossed the most money in 2020

As at the end of the year, Steam shares the list of titles that have sold the best in the last 12 months, in terms of revenue. It would therefore be logical to think that AAA displayed at € 59.99 are in the lead, but there are still some surprises in this top of the year 2020, including a title sold for € 3.99!

Eh yes, impossible this year to miss Among Us, an independent game released in 2018, but highlighted this summer thanks to streameurs and which still brings together a bunch of players today. The title is next to other must-haves like PUBG, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege, Red Dead Redemption II, DOOM Eternal or the very recent Cyberpunk 2077. The classification of titles having obtained the rank Platinum, in terms of turnover, can be seen in the image above.

Steam also highlights other categories, with new features (Fall Guys, FIFA 21), the most popular (PUBG, Among Us), the titles having left theEarly Access (Golf With Your Friends, DJMax Respect V), virtual reality games (Half-Life: Alyx, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR) or titles played with the joystick (Persona 4 Golden, Destiny 2), all the rankings can be found on the platform of Valve. You can buy a PC gaming sure

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