Stefan Love Surprise to Natasha Wilona, ​​Celine Evangelista Jealous?

Jakarta, Insertlive

Celine Evangelista gave the impression of the surprise that Stefan William’s husband gave to Natasha wilona.

The mother of four admitted that she already knew about the birthday surprise plan.

“You know,” said Celine Evangelista on Trans TV, South Jakarta, Tuesday (9/2).

However, he was reluctant to give an answer when asked about the close relationship between Stefan and Wilona.

“I don’t know (the relationship between Stefan and Wilona) was just asked directly to the person. Good, I hope to get along, hopefully friends because we humans have to love each other, we have to be mutually peaceful,” he continued.

Celine also confessed jealous while looking at the close relationship between Stefan and Wilona.

Even so, he tried to keep thinking positive and didn’t want to be prejudiced.

“Maybe it’s human (if jealous), yes, but yes, everything is positive thinking wrote, we are all fine and nothing, “explained Celine.

“Negative thinking It’s also not good for yourself so instead of assuming it’s bad to people, it’s better for us to be positive thinking so the heart is calm too, “he continued.

Therefore, Celine tries to get closer to God while praying that her household can return to harmony.

“Pray get closer to God, tell stories with people who can be trusted, “concluded Celine Evangelista.

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