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Press B – Egypt Watch how to download GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on PlayStation: a step-by-step download guide and now see the details.

How to download GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy is now available for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC The PC version is exclusive to the Rockstar Games Store, while console versions are available on consoles its own basic. In this article, we will show PlayStation owners how to download and install GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition on their consoles.

How to download GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

How to download the game on PlayStation consoles, follow these steps:

First, players must select the “Add to Cart” button to download and upload the game (Image via PlayStation Store)

Players who own a PlayStation console by downloading GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy from the PlayStation Store can achieve this by following the given steps:

Players can visit the Rockstar Games Store, which will take them to the PlayStation website.

They can also visit the PS Store directly. Players must select the “Add to Cart” button to download the game.

The PS Store can also be visited from the PlayStation console itself. Once the download has been made, the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy will be added to the player’s library, and PS5 owners can then find the game on their console by going to Games Home > Game Library.

PS4 owners need to go to Library > Buyed.

Those using a web browser should sign in to and select My PlayStation > Game Library. On the other hand, PlayStation app users have to open the app and select Game Library.

How to download GTA Trilogy Definitive EditionDownload the new gta v game

Steps to download GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy

To start downloading the game, players must select GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition from their library (depending on the console) and click Download. The installation will be completed automatically.

The GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy can then be played on the console of choice (PlayStation 4 or 5).

It’s worth noting that the trilogy costs $59.99 on both PlayStation consoles, although PS4 players can upgrade their game to the PS5 version along with the console upgrade.

Where the Definitive Edition Trilogy took up about 38.74GB on PlayStation consoles at launch, GTA 3 took 5,293GB, Vice City needed 10,768GB, and San Andreas needed 22,679GB. However, the recent major update increased the file size by more than 2GB (300MB for GTA 3, 900MB for Vice City and 1.1GB for San Andreas).

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