Step-by-step guide on using a bitcoin exchange!

Bitcoin exchanges are there for people who are interested in investing in bitcoin. These are the marketplaces which can allow people to purchase bitcoin. There are several kinds of bitcoin exchanges you can find on the internet but let me clarify one thing: all of them are unreliable. The bitcoin exchanges are thousands in number, but with the proper research, you can always end up on the right platform. For purchasing bitcoin, the first preference of individuals is the exchange platforms like

These exchanges are easy to use and beginner friendly, so you can easily buy from the bitcoin exchange. But again, it is difficult for some people because they have this misconception about bitcoin investment. These people think that only professionals with good knowledge about technology and the internet can invest in bitcoin and use these exchanges. However, the reality is that these exchanges are created for everyone who wants to buy bitcoin. Therefore, if you wish to buy bitcoin, you must follow a straightforward procedure.

Step one!

If you want to use a bitcoin exchange to buy bitcoin, you first need to find the appropriate platform. When you search about the bitcoin exchanges on the internet, you will find an extensive list. But here, you should rely on your research instead of trusting what others say. It would help if you began by getting more information about bitcoin exchanges. Everything is available on google, so you can get to know about a particular exchange on the internet.

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It’s good to ignore those not reputed platforms because they need to provide better customer service. You should do a background check of the platform also to see if any hack issues have happened on the platform or not. It’s also good to check the platform’s available payment modes and the fee charged. The utmost significant item you ought to remember is the platform’s security.

Step two!

Another step is of opening an account on the exchange. Once you select the platform that is good for you, you can move further to open an account on it. This procedure, again, is not complicated. It would help if you started by filling in all appropriate info about yourself in the given columns. After that, you should provide your identity for the verification of the KYC.

The excellent platform always asks for the KYC process; if your documents aren’t verified, you can open an account. So while filling in your info, you should keep this thing in mind if you provide fake info, it will get rejected, and your account will not get approval.

Step three!

The third step is in which you have to consider funding your account. All these methods are very legitimate, so you will not have to take tension of security risks. But you must keep one thing in mind while depositing money; you can also link your bank account to the exchange account. This way, the funds can be transferred easily without hassle whenever you need money. Most people prefer linking bank accounts for depositing funds in the bitcoin exchange account as they find it convenient and safe.

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Step four!

The last step for using the bitcoin exchange is to buy bitcoin. In this stage, you can fill in the amount you need to buy bitcoin. However, there are also many packages available for bitcoin, and you can buy anyone from it. But if you want to avoid purchasing from the package, consider manually entering the amount of bitcoin. It might take some time to process, but it doesn’t delay or fail once the bitcoin payment is made. Finally, it would help if you moved the coins to an e-wallet.


It is how you can use the bitcoin exchange to buy bitcoin. The same procedure is required for selling or trading bitcoin. So you can follow it and start your journey with bitcoin. The exchange platform is easy to use if you research and find the ideal one. All these steps are not difficult to follow, and anyone with basic technical knowledge can figure out this process. Expert help is optional if you use an authentic bitcoin exchange platform so try to find the perfect platform.

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