world Stephan B. apparently stood

Stephan B. apparently stood


Dhe alleged assassin, who shot two people in an attack on a synagogue in Halle last October, has made a comprehensive confession, according to a newspaper report. As reported by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stephan B. has confessed to the authorities. He also regretted that he had killed too few people.

According to research by the newspaper as well as the NDR and WDR, the 27-year-old alleged perpetrator was actually targeting Jews when he was attacked. Only when his attack on the synagogue failed did Stephan B. shoot the people in front of the kebab shop. B. had previously assumed that his actual destination, the synagogue, on Yom Kippur, the highest Jewish holiday, was freely accessible. Instead, he failed to enter the church through its closed doors.

According to the report, the alleged perpetrator did not have any know-it-all or helpers. However, Stephan B. has radicalized on the net, where he is said to have been confirmed in his anti-Semitism and hatred of women. The former Bundeswehr soldier described his contacts on the platforms as “dissatisfied white men”. The weapons that he used for the assassination were therefore manufactured using a 3-D printer. He filmed the crime and broadcast it on the Internet. B. served as the model of the Christchurch assassin, who killed 51 people and injured another 50 people in New Zealand in March 2019 in an attack on two mosques.

Even before his deed, B. published an eleven-page “manifesto” in which he revealed his world of thoughts. The document, written in English, speaks, among other things, of a “Zionist-occupied government”. There B. also writes that he actually wanted to attack a mosque or an Antifa center, but then decided to kill Jews. In his interrogations by the Federal Criminal Police Office, he found out that this was the biggest problem for him. He described the arrival of refugees in 2015 as a “turning point”.



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