Stéphane Blanquet, viscera and vice versa

Before paintings and installations, it is a wallpaper that jumps in the face of the visitor. An endlessly repeated diamond, in the center of which stands a heart that looks like a potato. The organ occasionally giving way to a carnivorous plant. In a few strips of paper, everything is said: the confusion between the organic and the vegetal that crosses the work of Stéphane Blanquet, like his way of spreading the interior (of the home as well as the body) outside. By giving carte blanche to this great figure of the French underground, author of comics, publisher of furious graphic objects with his house United Dead Artist and plastic artist with hypercarnate obsessions, the Halle Saint-Pierre finds itself populated by insect men, peaceful recumbent figures and upturned monsters. It becomes a border territory of the Japanese eroguro, the raw paintings of Francis Bacon and the creatures of cinema of Ray Harryhausen.

Organized around Blanquet’s motifs, the exhibition overlays the techniques. In the same rooms, painting, sculpture, tapestry complement and defuse each other: suffocation at the large black and white formats where the drawing is born from the saturation of space; breathing in front of their declination in XXL tapestries where muscle tissue is made of wool and silk, where ribbed horror becomes shimmering when woven with threads of gold, pink or azure blue. The nobility of hollowed-out wood and cut metal respond to paintings on plastic plates inspired by lenticular images distributed with the laundry packages.

The volume meets the movement, the clear metamorphosis joins the fuzzy worry. As if it was necessary to multiply the supports, the glances and the lights to capture the most imperceptible jolts of the soft flesh, and to map bodies in perpetual redevelopment. At the center of the exhibition, a statue of metal and fabric sits on top of a mass of cut-out paper brains, protected by a few woolen tentacles that will invade the rest of the space in the coming weeks. Stéphane Blanquet’s art is an invasive plant.

Marius Chapuis

In the minds of Stéphane Blanquet Halle Saint-Pierre, 75018. Until July 30, 2021. Rens. :


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