Stéphane Pauwels admits to having consumed cocaine but denies home-jacking: “I screwed up for a year”

Lhe president of the correctional court of Hainaut interviewed Stéphane Pauwels on Monday, whose name appears in a section of the vast file relating to home-jackings which took place in Walloon Brabant and in Hainaut between 2015 and 2017. The former host RTL-TVI is suspected of having given the address of a victim in Lasnes. The facts were committed in March 2017.

The former RTL-TVI football man, now active on RTL France, admits to having detained narcotics from September 2016 to June 2018, according to his lawyer Me Sven Mary. The latter asked to extend the infringement period.

The ex-host disputes

Stéphane Pauwels disputes the home invasion of Lasnes. “There is a combination of circumstances. I find myself in a complicated emotional situation after a separation. I dated people who were not very popular, I lost track. I found myself with a lady who complained every day about the harassment of her ex-boyfriend. I called a police friend who couldn’t do anything. I assume the fact of having told him: if you want, we can go and give him a pie. “

The defendant admits to having spun bad cotton for a year, the year during which he took cocaine. He crossed paths with the alleged perpetrator of Lasnes’ assault. “But I never had a will to hurt, to steal, to damage. I don’t even know the victim, ”he said. “I thought he only told her to stop harassing Ms. Colassin. “

Stéphane Pauwels claims to have been surprised at the violence inflicted on the civil party. “I expected more intimidation,” he said. “All I wanted was for my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend to leave her alone. He regrets not having had contact with a Braine l’Alleud policeman. “It would have happened otherwise in Mouscron,” said the Mouscronnois.

Pauwels denies knowing the other defendants

According to him, it is his ex-girlfriend who spoke about the money hidden in his ex. “I was at the heart of a hate-anger relationship. The defendant claims that Ms. Colassin regularly told that his ex-companion had a lot of money at home.

A map of the premises was found at the home of the defendant, of whom he claims to have learned of the existence by the police, as well as a key “that Ms. Colassin gave to the author”. But the defendant repeats that he did not know that his ex-partner had the key to his old house.

Stéphane Pauwels claims to know neither Farid Hakimi, nor the other defendants.

Concerning the obstruction of the instruction, that is 5,000 euros which would have been paid to Hakimi, he explains: “A friend, who sees me at the station after my arrest, suggests that I go see one of his friends, who knows Saïd Hakimi. , so he can tell his brother Farid that I’m not involved in this story. Naively, I thought it would help me. Cornered, I did not oppose this idea, but there was not 5,000 euros. We never talked about money and there was no question of paying. “

The defendant remembers having learned of the alleged implication of Farid Hakimi in the facts of Lasnes, by the police, the day of his arrest in August 2018. “I am in a room which I do not know, I made the ‘object of threats from a third party when I asked Ms. Colassin’s ex-companion to stop ”.

He also claims that the head of investigation repeatedly insisted that he say that he had been extorted by Hakimi and his gang, “but I did not know these people”. He adds that the policeman seemed to have an obsession with Farid Hakimi.


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