Stéphane Plaza has a famous and well-known uncle: discover his identity!

On Tuesday February 7, M6 broadcast a new issue of its game “Who can beat us”, with Éric Antoine in the role of presenter. The first issue broadcast on July 25 on the channel brought together more than 2.13 million viewersor 13.1% of the public.

The show stars 6 channel personalities against an audience of 100 contestants. These are mostly excellent players with a great culture who oppose the experts for 6 rounds. At the end of the heats, the best candidate faces a celebrity from the chain.

If the principle of the game has not changed, the protagonists are not the same as at the time of the first episode. It should be noted that celebrities are selected based on their area of ​​expertise.

Thus, in the new issue of February 7, we find among others Hélène Ségara on the theme of music, Mac Lesggy for science and Carine Galli for sport.

Stephane Plaza is one of the 6 celebrities who will have to face the public, and he will intervene in particular about real estate.

Raymond Poulidor, the famous uncle of Stéphane Plaza

During this new issue of the game “Who can beat us”, Stéphane Plaza returns to a detail that catches the attention of viewers. If the host has often mentioned his mother, who died in April 2016 from cancer, he remains more discreet about his father Raymond Plaza.

During the program broadcast on Tuesday February 7, Stéphane affirms that his uncle is the famous Raymond Poulidor. It is indeed the French cyclist who died in November 2019 in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat. Raymond Poulidor enjoyed great popularity in France where he is described as “eternal second” on the Tour de France.

Stéphane Plaza and Raymond Poulidor had already been seen during the 104th edition of the Tour de France 2017. Asked about this, the host of M6 affirmed that Poulidor was a good friend to his father Raymond Plaza. The French animator and real estate agent adds by saying “Besides, when I was a baby, I peed on him; it is he who has fun telling the anecdote”.

Need we remind you, the Plaza family has known some of the big names in cycling. The Tour de France therefore remains an unmissable and inevitable summer event for Stéphane Plaza. He said “my grandfather Mariano was Charly Gaul’s mechanic for twenty years; then my father, Raymond, took part in the Tour de France in 1957. He raced alongside Stablinski, Robic, Darrigade…”.

Like many French people, the star host of M6 is an undisputed fan of the Tour de France. In particular, he spent a few hours in the heart of the mythical Tour de France caravan, which he considers to be “one of the most beautiful sporting events in the world. His relationship with former professional Raymond Poulidor clearly explains this passion.

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