Stéphane Plaza opportunist? Paul El Kharrat (The 12 strokes of noon) drops a file on the host of M6 in The big heads (VIDEO)

Tonight in Big heads, Laurent Ruquier received Stéphane Plaza as a guest. But while the real estate agent came to promote his comic, Paul El Kharrat took the opportunity to remind him of a little anecdote about him …

Tonight on France 2, Laurent Ruquier received, live, his band of usual chroniclers of Big heads, broadcast on RTL. Around the table and ready to play questions / answers interspersed with good jokes, the actress Michèle Bernier, the comedian Chantal Ladesou or the squeaky Bernard Mabille. The regulars were accompanied by new ones, like the talented actress Melha Bedia and the former champion of 12 noon shots on TF1, Paul El Kharrat, left with 691,522 euros. An astronomical sum that he mentioned during his first in the Big heads, last November.

Humor, stories and big wins

Between sharp questions of history and more schoolboy jokes, Laurent Ruquier also welcomed several celebrities who came to promote them. After Hélène Ségara or Roberto Alagna who introduced themselves to talk about their respective new albums, Stephane Plaza followed suit to evoke his humorous comic strip. Very popular troublemaker of the M6 ​​channel, he is known for his jokes and blunders in Search apartment or house, program in which he helps people access real estate. Laurent Ruquier took care to ask him if, among the big heads present this evening, he had helped one of them to acquire a property, but it was Paul El Kharrat who answered in his place.

“We don’t even know where he put his money!”

“I remember, you said to me ‘Would you like to buy me an apartment?'” throws him the former champion of the 12 strokes of noon. “But, it is to me that the question is asked!” Stéphane Plaza then defended in front of a hilarious audience in front of this anecdote. “How much did you earn Paul?” Laurent Ruquier launches him, alluding to his gain. “691 000 euros ! “ Plaza retorts, cutting the rug out from under Paul El Kharrat’s foot. “Where is all this? We don’t even know where it is!” is offended, amused Stéphane Plaza. Obviously, the real estate agent that he is, would have preferred that this money have been spent in one of his apartments … Or house!

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