Sport Stephon Marbury has agreed to procure 10 million medical...

Stephon Marbury has agreed to procure 10 million medical masks for New York


Former NBA player Stephon Marbury informed the New York Post that he had signed a contract to supply 10 million N95 medical masks to New York. These masks are urgently needed by healthcare workers who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marbury has the masks made at cost in China, where he played for the past seven years of his career.

Although Marbury currently lives in Beijing, China, he said: “Ultimately, I’m from Brooklyn. This is very important to me when it comes to helping New York. “

When Marbury grew up, he played at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn and on the famous New York City playgrounds. After a year at Georgia Tech, Marbury joined the NBA. The highscoring guard played for five teams, including his hometown of New York Knicks, during his 13-year NBA career.

After missing two seasons, Marbury signed with the Beijing Ducks in 2011. The move was initially seen as a way for Marbury to prove that he can still play at NBA level. Instead, Beijing became a home away from home for the New Yorker.

Marbury scored an average of 21.6 points per game in 271 competitions with the Ducks in seven seasons.

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