Steps .. How to manually add passwords in Chrome Password manager – Day 7

Google recently updated its built-in password manager in Chrome with the ability to manually add new passwords for services, apps, and websites. This ability has been on the desktop version of Chrome for a while and now, the company is rolling out the feature to the Android version of Chrome as well.

With the ability to add passwords manually, users now have the option to save passwords in Chrome’s password manager without having to wait for Chrome to save the password, and this will make things as easy for users as sometimes.

In the meantime, if you are looking to manually add a new password in Google Password manager using Chrome, follow these steps:

Steps to manually add passwords on Android

1. Update Google Chrome to the latest version and open it

2. Now, tap on three dots in the upper right corner and head to Settings

3. Scroll down and tap on the Password option

4. Here, click on the Add button and start entering the details like website URL, username and password

Once done, press the Save button.

Steps to add password manually using Chrome on desktop

1. Open Google Chrome browser and head to Settings

2. Find and tap Passwords

3. Here, you will see the Add passwords button, click on it

4. A new popup will appear asking you to enter your login information

5. Enter the details and click the Save button

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