Stesha Malikova showed her younger brother’s favorite game

The heirs of the musician Dmitry Malikov often spend time together.

Stesha Malikova. Photo: м

The age difference in the children of Dmitry Malikov is 18 years. Stephanie’s daughter is now 21 years old, and the girl is actively establishing her personal life with hockey player Kirill Kaprizov, but this does not affect her warm and tender relationship with her three-year-old brother Mark. She just adores him and tries to pay a lot of attention.

The day before Stesha played with Mark in his favorite game. In the video that she shared on the microblogging, the baby is trying to defeat his sister, but he does not always succeed – the little hands still do not obey.

“Zuefa, this is a victory,” the girl signed the video.

Subscribers were touched by the footage of Stesha’s game with Mark: “Steshenka, you are a wonderful sister. It is a real joy to look at you and Markusha ”,“ Both lovely ”,“ What lovely people. Nice brother and flawless beautiful sister Stephanie “,” Sweet couple “,” What a sweet, Stesha is lucky “,” Mark is handsome! He speaks so well for his age! And he calmly perceives that not only he can win, without screams and tragedy. “

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