Steven Attacks Back Jessica Iskandar, Demands Compensation of More than Rp. 50 Billion and 2 Houses


Action Jessica Iskandar report to the police and feel cheated into losing nearly Rp. 10 billion by Steven with a long tail. Steven actually demanded back Jessica Iskandar compensation of more than IDR 50 billion through a civil lawsuit.

The man named Christopher Steffanus Budianto is demanding that Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag receive material compensation of Rp. 1.5 billion and immaterial compensation of Rp. 50 billion, which includes land and buildings belonging to them related to defamation. This was read out in today’s hearing at the South Jakarta District Court with the agenda for reading the charges.

“Demanding compensation of Rp 50 billion from the defendants,” said Gonggom Sihite, a lawyer Christopher Steffanus Budianto when reading out the indictment during the trial at the South Jakarta District Court on Wednesday (7/12/2022).

“The property owned by Defendant 1 land and the building that stands on it is used as a residence on Jalan Manggis Setiabudi, South Jakarta. The property owned by Defendant 2 land and the building on it is used as a residence in Denpasar, Bali,” he explained.

After the trial attorney Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag, Rolland E Potu reacted. Hearing the lawsuit filed by Steven, Jessica Iskandar’s party will also sue back with a larger nominal.

“Earlier on the agenda was the reading of the lawsuit, as we were given one week’s opportunity to answer the lawsuit and in the answer to the lawsuit we will carry out a counterclaim in one case, namely our client to ask for compensation. Earlier it was stated that there was IDR 1.5 billion in material immaterial IDR 50 billion. We will also file a counterclaim, but next week we will respond,” said Rolland E Potu, lawyer Jessica Iskandar.

Rolland also said that the lawsuit as big as that filed by Steven was baseless. So that Jessica will sue back with a larger nominal.

“What is certain is that one of us will convey that the lawsuit is baseless, yes. But later we will convey it in our answer, later after we answer after the replica and duplicate, we will definitely release it. Even there, we will demand a monetary value even more what is sued,” Rolland added.

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