Stib fraud: ten controllers dismissed for having set up a system of “fictitious controls”

New case of badge fraud at the Stib. Ten inspectors from the Brussels transport company have just been dismissed for having “put in place an organized system aimed at artificially inflating the number of checked travelers “.

Our editorial staff was able to obtain an internal document relating the facts. A total of 10 agents from the same team are involved, all sworn in and carrying a Vigilis accreditation. A “inconsistency in the number of checks “ has been updated during a regular check. “One of the teams had entered into the system several hundred false checks carried out using their Mobib test “ and so was trying “to pass them off as checks actually carried out on travelers “.

Complaints and FPS Interior informed

“This is a breach of trust, all the more serious as these agents are accredited by the authorities”, declares the spokesperson for the Stib.

The document obtained also indicates that “the filing of a criminal complaint is in progress against each of them “. What the Stib confirms to us. As the employees have been approved, the FPS Interior has also been informed.

Users on their side “suffered no prejudice “. On the contrary … some travelers without a valid ticket were able to slip through the cracks and avoid a painful fine.

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