Sticks broken under the force of corrections

Wooden sticks have already been broken due to the intensity of the beatings given by a pastor and his wife from the South Shore, who claimed to correct their children.

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“It has often happened that the stick breaks, in my case at least once or twice,” said Paul-Émile Monette. I can tell you that he was not lacking in strength in that. It was a minimum of 10 hits and it was given with vigor. “

The 33-year-old man testified Wednesday as part of the sentencing representations of his parents, Mario Monette and Carole Van Houtte.

On Monday, the couple pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon of their eight children, forcible confinement and threats of death or causing bodily harm under the pretext that it was an educational method.

Another of the children, Micaël Monette, claimed in court that a wooden stick had broken during a correction given by his mother. Instead of ending it, she used a plastic rod to control blinds.

“It gives an idea of ​​the force used, says the 39-year-old man. The plastic rod was one of the worst. It whips, it lacerates. It’s a sharp pain. “

On another occasion, Carole Van Houtte let her husband correct him, telling him that she “did not have a strong enough arm”.

“It’s like saying ‘my goal is to hurt you, and I won’t be able to do it”, “dropped Micaël Monette.

Beaten in turn

The breakage of a simple fryer resulted in five of the couple’s children taking turns being corrected by their mothers until a culprit arose.

“We were waiting in the dinette. There were at least two, three rounds where we received blows, ”said Paul-Émile Monette.

At one point, one of his brothers suggested that he denounce himself so that the torment would stop, even if this was not the case.

“My mom was pretty upset. [Comme punition], she gave me all of what the others got. It went over 70 to 80 shots, ”he said.

“It was heartbreaking, you feel helpless when you see that,” confessed Michael.

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