Still a crisis! 14 provinces in the southern region, infected with more than 3.3 thousand people.

October 13 – The Center for the Coronavirus Disease Epidemic Situation Administration (CCSA) reports the situation of COVID-19 infection. There are 10,064 more infected, 1,978 in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, 1,968 in the 4 southern provinces, in other provinces totaling 67 provinces, 5,924 from prisons/detentions, 118 cases, 9 foreign travelers, 1,711,565 cumulative confirmed cases. 10,988 sick, 1,587,917 recovered, 107,168 treated, 39,529 in hospital, 67,639 in field hospital and others, 2,941 in severe condition, 669 on ventilator.

The number of deaths increased by 82, in Bangkok and its vicinity, 28 in the 4 southern provinces, 5 in other provinces, 49 deaths, bringing the cumulative death toll at 17,823, of which 42 were males, 40 females, and 76 Thais. There were 66 people aged 60 years and over with 10 chronic diseases and no history of chronic disease, 5 cases, 1 death, obese and high blood pressure. and receive vaccination according to the specified criteria Of the nine confirmed cases, two from Israel, three in Russia, one in Phuket Sandbox, one in Russia and three in Cambodia.

For an overview of new infections in the country In 67 provinces, there are 5,924 cases, representing 59%, Bangkok and its vicinity 2,045 cases, representing 21%, southern border provinces, 1,968 cases, accounting for 20%. in which Bangkok still has a maximum of more than 1,000

For the 10 provinces, the highest number of new infections were Bangkok 1,142 cases, Yala 650 cases, Songkhla 475 cases, Samut Prakan 453 cases, Chonburi 442 cases, Pattani 423 cases, Narathiwat 420 cases, Rayong 326 cases, Chanthaburi 311 cases, Nakhon Si Thammarat 264 cases and when looking at the total number of new infections in 14 provinces in the region. South of the whole region The total number is 3,373, with 11 provinces infected with more than 100, and 3 provinces with less than 100 infected people: Ranong 24, Phang Nga 57, Satun 96.

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