Still playable for free (up to level 25)

Actually, the team-based multiplayer game should Knockout City only get a time-limited free period from Velan Studios and EA. The action game inspired by Dodgeball (comparable to dodgeball) could be tried out for free until Sunday, May 30th as part of the “Block Party” (afterwards a price of 19.99 euros including in-game items was planned).

On Sunday, however, the developers announced on Twitter that beginners can still try out the game for free even after the initial phase has expired. You can take advantage of the free campaign until you reach the “Street Rank 25” rank (which, according to tester Mathias, can take a few hours) – after that, just under 20 euros are due:

By the way, you can find our test of the colorful sports game here.

Last current video: Season 1 trailer


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