Still very few women in the management of Swiss companies –

Swiss companies still have a long way to go to have more women in management positions. The majority of companies listed on the flagship SMI index do not reach the 20% defined in the legislation.

In addition, none are headed by a general manager. In international comparison, Switzerland is far from shining in this area. Overall, the 20 companies listed on the flagship index of the Swiss Stock Exchange have 13% of executives in their senior management, a modest increase of one percentage point compared to 2020, a study said on Tuesday. executive search firm Russell Reynolds. Among these companies, none has assigned the position of managing director to a woman and only one company has a financial director.

Not in accordance with the law

The large Swiss groups are therefore still a long way from complying with the legislation, which entered into force this year, and which provides for listed companies with at least 250 employees a share of 30% of women on boards of directors and 20%. % in directions.

Among the virtuous companies are seven companies to exceed the 20% mark, led by Credit Suisse (27%), Lonza (25%) and Zurich Insurance (25%). The bulk of the peloton evolves between a share of 8% (Swiss Re) and 17% (Nestlé). The poor performers with no women in their management are Swisscom, Swiss Life, SGS, Richemont, Geberit and Alcon, according to the study.

The authors of the study noted that none of the newly appointed female executives is of Swiss nationality.

Leap Forward

Companies listed on the extended SMIM index, for their part, jumped from 7.8% in 2020 to 12.6% this year.

Temenos, with a percentage of 36%, Ems-Chemie (25%) and Logitech (25%) are the most virtuous companies in terms of feminization of management, while SIG Combibloc, Cembra Money Bank and Flughafen Zurich rely on entirely male direction.

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