Stock markets fall after the announcement of the mutation of the Covid-19 in England

Published on : 21/12/2020 – 19:44

Unsurprisingly, the stock markets are wobbling in reaction to the new mutation of Covid-19 active in England and its consequences on trade. The suspension of arrivals by train and by plane in England had their effects on the values ​​related to transport from Tokyo to New York, via Paris.

Entry into force Monday midnight, freeze on passenger arrivals from the UK had its effect on Asian stock markets from the outset. With a decline in the Nikkei indices in Tokyo and Hang Seng in Honk Kong.

Airline particularly affected

But it was in Europe that the volatility was greatest on the markets. The authorities may have stressed that nothing proved the resistance of the new strain to the vaccine, the stocks of the airline sector were particularly affected, with the new travel restrictions imposed.

Air France KLM plunged 4.16% at the close in Paris. Ditto for the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Aéroports de Paris which loosened sharply. Not enough to dampen the hopes raised by the vaccination campaigns is quick to point out a spokesperson for Air France who is closely following the evolution of the health situation.

Across the Atlantic, the agreement finally found for a plan to help the economy, including the aviation sector, will not have had the desired effect as health uncertainty has taken over. Delta Airlines, Amercian Airlines and United Airlines see their value decline at the opening.


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