Stomach ache? Calm them down!

When stomach aches or rheumatism do not give you peace, remedies with sorrel are helpful. The benefits are known from the time of the Dacians.

Tătăneasa has anti-inflammatory and healing action, being beneficial in case of joint pain, neuralgia, dislocations, fractures and tendon inflammation.

In case of rheumatism, the plant can be used in the form of ointment, diluted tincture, poultices (the plant crushed and soaked in medicinal alcohol), infusion or concentrated decoction of the leaves, which is added to the bath water.

Bursitis (inflammation of the lining that lines the areas where bones, tendons, or ligaments have rubbing movements) is treated with sorrel ointment. Poultices with sorrel decoction (obtained from 4-5 tablespoons of plant root in 250 ml of water) are helpful in contusions. In case of fracture and dislocation, put compresses with concentrated infusion on the affected area.

Useful in many skin conditions

The ointment prepared from sorrel helps to restore and heal the skin, if you have had a wound, a burn or if you have undergone surgery. The decoction helps to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis (apply compresses), but also dental abscesses (gargle several times a day) and hemorrhoids.

“Pain and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids are reduced by sitting baths with warm infusion of concentrated or decoction of sorrel (in combination with oak bark, marigold, chamomile, mousetail, horsetail, wormwood), performed by 2 -3 times a day “, explains Dr. Ruxandra Constantina, medical specialist

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