“Stop buchonear”: Belu Lucius got angry and put the points to Fede Bal

Tonight there was a very particular gala in «MasterChef Celebrity». It is that the participants had to cook a dish entirely composed of vegetables. Before the big test, the celebrities had a mini challenge to determine who would get the benefit of the night. In the middle of the competition, Belu Lucius got mad at Faith Bal, who tried to help Vicky xipolitakis. It is that both fought head to head to keep the benefit.

Participants were scored by cutting various vegetables. While only Belu Lucius and Vicky Xipolitakis were still in competition, Fede Bal tried to help the Greek twin to win. The actor, with much good intention, told Vicky not to forget to remove the seeds from the bell pepper he was cutting. To which Belu replied: «Stop snapping at him! What team do you play for, Fede Bal !? ”, he specified. Finally, the artist ended up justifying himself: “For both of us, I love both of them,” he said.

During the last hours, Fede received a spicy attack by Rocío Marengo, the last eliminated from the contest. It is believed to be the Cat Dumas. Get him off (the horse), please. Download it out of respect for Telefe, please. He says that he is all armed, he plays the game. He’s a bit of a bastard, obviously. And then the jury goes to Fede, or Leticia Siciliani and motivates them. That is what one, that nobody motivates, begins to throw down, “said the media, who obviously did not have a good relationship with the actor.

After being eliminated, Rocío dispatched herself with a stick to the jury: «Unexpected. For all that I have been giving in the competition, I feel that it is too early for my departure. I’m leaving happy, happy to have participated in the most important cooking competition in the world, so I’m happy to have been part of two MasterChef competitions “, said the media, who started the Telefe cooking reality show after having reached the final of the gastronomic contest in its Chilean edition.

After his departure, the comments on the networks that celebrated the elimination of the actress exploded: “Let’s celebrate for the departure of Marengo”; «Dear Diary: What I saw from the balcony: Cristian learned to use a potato peeler, Sofía was screwed up for cooking too much, but in the end he got rid of Marengo’s heavy weight. Nobody will interfere in his friendship with Leti »; «Me putting together my gualicho so that the unbearable Marengo goes away !!!»; and “Marengo left, it is celebrated in the obelisk”; were some of the spicy messages that circulated on Twitter.

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