stop moving between regions –

The government led by Mario Draghi called a meeting with the governors to discuss the measures of the law decree containing further urgent provisions on the containment of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, which must be approved in the council of ministers tomorrow morning, but also to start considering the rules of new Dpcm which will replace the one expiring on March 5th.

The meeting decided by the ministers of health Roberto Speranza and Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini set for 7pm today.

The movement between the Regions, even in the yellow zone, it should be banned until the end of March.

Then the issue of restrictive measures and any new color differences on a provincial basis. As written whoin fact, the government could try to act at the provincial and municipal level, triggering the red areas where there are outbreaks and in neighboring municipalities.

Instead, the hypothesis of a national orange zone to be respected for a few weeks, which had been talked about in order to control the spread of coronavirus variants, was rejected by the Regions.

The governors will ask the premier to change gear compared to his predecessor Giuseppe Conte to ensure constant discussion on the choices, closures communicated well in advance and maximum commitment to guarantee the supply of vaccines.

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