Store PS5 games on an external hard drive? It’s not for now

No, the (too rare) owners of PS5 still cannot store games on external storage space, which is the basis for a home console. And obviously, this feature is not ready to arrive.

In addition to being out of stock globally, the PS5 is sold with dessential features missing. The one that interests us here is the possibility of storing games on an external storage space. This is particularly useful when you have dozens and dozens of games that take up a lot of space over time.

Currently, players must therefore be content with the internal SSD hard drive of the console. And according to theBloomberg information, it will be necessary to wait until this summer before being able to connect another hard drive to the new console from Sony.


This feature will be added during a major update to the PS5 operating system, which will therefore arrive this summer. We’re talking about a real big update that will change a lot of things for the new generation console. Indeed, the capacity of the fans will be improved to better dissipate the heat since the console will have to manage an additional storage space. It should therefore be expected that the console will make more noise when running.

While waiting for this update, you will have to continue uninstalling and reinstalling your games to save space on the internal hard drive of the PS5. As a reminder, the latter only offers 650 GB. To get an idea, the last Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War asks for 190 GB. Basically, with 3 or 4 big PS5 games your hard drive is already full.

Xbox Series X and S players do not have this problem since Microsoft has already made it possible to connect an external hard drive to its console.

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