Storm in Bulgaria for money laundering investigation targeting the Bulgarian prime minister

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The investigations of the Mossos d’Esquadra and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office on a network of “international money laundering” and the possible participation in it of the prime minister ofBulgaria,Boyko Borisov,unveiled this Friday by El Periódico de Catalunyahas causeda political storm in the Balkan country.

Socialist MEP Elena Yoncheva assured this newspaper on Friday that the case “presents umade us extremely disturbing“, alluding to the assumptionlaundering of five million eurosby buying a luxury villa in Esplugues de Llobregat and a luxury store on the Paseo de Gràcia in Barcelona and whose beneficiary would be the Bulgarian exmodelBorislava Yovcheva, whose possible link with Borisov is being analyzed.

“On May 20, 2019 I sent a report to the Bulgarian attorney general asking him to open an investigation. I received no response,” said the MEP, before explaining that he then accused Borisov of being the true owner of the house. “I paid a high price for that.”

Yoncheva expressed confidence that Spanish justice “brings light”and that thanks to the intervention of the Catalan police and the prosecutor “prevail the rule of law and democracy.” “It is time for the Spanish authorities, and I hope that those of Bulgaria will also clarify the facts,” he added.

Complaint to the embassy

The oenegéMC BUUP(United Bulgaria Civil Movement) was the first to denounce the plot. “In July 2018 we presented the case to the Embassy of Spain,” recalls its president, Georgi Georgiev.The oenegé then claimed that the complaint be sent to the Spanish prosecutorand declared herself “willing to cooperate.” Georgiev says they received no response. “Therefore, in March 2019 we sent the case to the Catalan police,” he explains.

The leader of the NGO maintains that the Bulgarian leader “it has to do with the inexplicable prosperity and wealth of Yovcheva and his family“The complaint points to the possible relationship between the woman and the prime minister. Georgiev maintains that there is” evidence “that Borisov and Yovcheva” have been close to each other. “

Borisov’s negative

From Brussels, where he went to the European Council,Bulgarian Prime Minister denied any relationship with “the case of Barcelona”. “I have not been there for 15 years, I have no property there,” he told reporters. The Bulgarian leader added that “nobody, neither police nor prosecutors” have asked him for any information on this matter.

The head of the Bulgarian governmentHe didn’t want to answer if he knows ex-model Borislava Yovcheva. As for the partners of the companies that injected the money with which the villa and the store were bought, he assured that some are people who have not seen “in 10, 15, 20 years.” “They are people with whom I have played tennis or football. But knowing someone does not mean that you are involved in something,” he said.

According to the oenegé that uncovered the case, Borisov maintains a friendship with the former head of the delegation in Bulgaria of the Russian oil company Lukoil Valentin Zlatev, who in turn had Alexander Chavsev as a close collaborator, who appears as the majority partner of Numin Invest SL, the company that owns the luxury villa in Esplugues.

The newspaper sent a questionnaire on the case to the prime minister on February 13. The next day, given the lack of response, he sent another one. Borisov did not answer. After the publication of the case, this Friday explained that“There was no point in responding” because any of your comments “could be misunderstood”.

“Tons of cocaine”

As for the open investigation in Spain, the Prime Minister regretted that this newspaper did not mention the “decorations and police medals” with which Spain has awarded him “for the tons of cocaine” that have been intercepted thanks to the cooperation between the two countries .

Borisov attributed the information to a black hand from Russia. “It is the continuation of a campaign launched against me by the children of the agents of the GRU (Russian military intelligence service),” he said. He also hinted that the president of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, close to the Kremlin and with whom he maintains tense relations, participates in the campaign against him. Radev said this month in a speech that freedom of expression, democracy and separation of powers are kidnapped in his country.



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