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Storm kills two and missing people – Le Magazine du Manager

The storm that hit the archipelago this week left two dead, six missing and significant material damage.

It is the biggest storm that has hit Sao Tome and Principe for more than 30 years. The rains that fell on the archipelago created chaos in the capital as well as in several other regions of the country. The government of Sao Tome has declared a state of disaster for the next 15 days due to the damage caused by the torrential rains. Prime Minister Jorge Bom Jesus, during a Council of Ministers, declared a state of emergency and “announced the creation of a victim support fund. The government has also asked for help from friendly countries ”.

He also “indicated that in addition to the loss of human lives recorded, four bridges have been destroyed in the northern region of the country and hundreds of families are left homeless.”

Landslides have been observed in several parts of the country. Roads were cut from north to south and hundreds of commercial establishments (especially in the center of the capital) were flooded. According to the World Bank, Sao Tome and Principe is “very vulnerable” to external shocks. Such as devastating weather events and “the economic impact of the loss of tourism revenue caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic”.

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