Storming Institutions: The Mob’s Continuity

DA storm on the Capitol can be compared to the Tuileries Tower. Not with the “Prize des Tuileries” of 1792, with which the moderate phase of the French Revolution passed into the radical one. But with the capture of the Tuileries by the “people” in 1848, which was mentioned in Gustave Flaubert’s novel “L’Éducation sentimentale. Histoire d’un jeune homme ”(Eng.“ Apprenticeship years of feeling ”) plays a central role. Since January 6th, one has not been able to read the following episode from Flaubert’s novel without having in mind the mob triumphantly walking through the Capitol rotunda wearing the red “MAGA” cap, grinning and stealing office furniture and their feet Placed demonstratively on the desk, in the armchair Nancy Pelosis, the “Madame Speaker” of the House of Representatives, lounges.


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