Stormy exchange between Isabelle Charest and Enrico Ciccone on hockey fights

Violence in hockey was invited to the National Assembly during the question period on Wednesday, and gave way to a spat between the Minister for Sports and Recreation, Isabelle Charest, and her opposite. liberal screw, Enrico Ciccone.

Enciro Ciccone, MP for Marquette, stung the minister by maintaining that she still tolerates fights in hockey, especially at the junior level.

Leaving the different leagues the possibility of tolerating them means choosing to do nothing. By definition, she is definitely an accomplice.

A quote from:Enrico Ciccone, Member of Parliament for Marquette

Immediately called to order by President François Paradis for using the word partner in crime, Mr. Ciccone apologized, but it did not take more for the minister to reply tit for tat: Coming from a brawler, being treated as an accomplice in a situation like this, I would tell you that I find it quite peculiar.

Enrico Ciccone had earlier mentioned Mark Scheifele’s blow against the Montreal Canadiens’ Jake Evans in Game 1 of the series against the Jets.

He also quoted a tweet that the minister had published shortly after Jake Evans’ injury.

He then called on Minister Charest: Does the minister consider this gesture more serious than seeing young people aged 15, 16 or 17 having the opportunity to tap each other on the face with bare fists in certain leagues here in Quebec?

In response to the Liberal MP, Ms. Charest recalled that the subject of violence in hockey is relatively consensus. She also mentioned the fact that the fights in the QMJHL have drastically decreased, but the work is not done.

Isabelle Charest, Minister for Sports and Leisure

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

Isabelle Charest said she works with the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, but also with all the other sporting bodies to ensure that the environment is healthy and that our young people evolve in a safe manner and that they can flourish.

Enrico Ciccone campaigns for the elimination of fights in sports activities involving underage athletes and even presented a law Project for this purpose in the fall.

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