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Hong Ciyong (left) knows that it is not easy for young people with no resources to get into politics, and publishes an article in support of Chen Baiwei (right). (Picture taken from Facebook)

2021/10/18 23:43

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Taiwan’s foundation for the removal of Chen Baiwei will be voted on this Saturday (23rd). In the last week, the two camps are also intensively promoting their own ideas. Legislative Yuan adviser Hong Ciyong posted on Facebook to support Chen Baiwei, “If you don’t stand up and stick to it, the political culture will never change.”

Hong Ciyong, a former regional legislator of Taichung City, said on Facebook in the evening that after several years of politics, she has deep feelings. Young people without background and resources must use their best to create a tiny space. Under the exchange of interests, they have repeatedly become the target of bullying.

Hong Ciyong pointed out that local factions and forces dominate local politics and each other’s interests become the target of exchange. It is extremely difficult to break the past Shenhu. “Concepts can take you to ride the wind and waves. The waves of the old forces will still come back one by one, but if you don’t Stand tall and stick to it, and the political culture will never change.”

Hong Ciyong said that perhaps everyone thinks that being a legislator is a good job with money and power, but for those of us who have no background, no family power, and no huge financial aid, this is because we are full of ideals for the country and society. , I think, without this ideal, I can’t live a life of getting up at five o’clock every day, going home at ten o’clock, and continuing to prepare for the next day’s questioning at 11 o’clock.

Hong Ciyong said that politics is a test of reality and a struggle for resources. However, do not let such young people lose to reality, resources, and family power. “Chen Baiwei’s greatest resource and greatest power is For our support, in the last few days, I hope you will do more for the political environment in Taiwan and tell your relatives and friends around you to support Bai Wei and support Taiwan to change political vices.”

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