Strain an Iberian board in The New York Times



13/11/2020 05:00Updated: 11/13/2020 07:18

“Staying at home is easier when Spain provides catering.” This is how the American newspaper titled a few days ago ‘The New York Times’ a recent article to discuss the benefits of the pantry gastronomic of our country, based on the testimony of specialists in Spanish products that operate in USA, both with physical stores and online points of sale.

It is no coincidence that on similar dates, other media from different countries, such as ‘Vogue’ in China or ‘Euronews’ in Europe, have written or documented the richness of the products of Spain. Behind this coordinated interest has been the hand (and money) of ICEX, in his latest campaign to promote ‘Alimentos Despaña’ (Spain Food Nation).

Now that for reasons for the pandemic Tourists cannot come here to eat and drink Spain, the export arm of the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism has developed this promotional campaign, which reinforces other actions located in specific countries, as it will take place throughout November in the main cities of the United Kingdom.

These initiatives try to consolidate Spain as exporter gastronomic reference, both for the added value of some products, and for the diversity of its pantry, something highly appreciated in other markets with less natural resources or less recognition culinary. And now that there is less gastronomic leisure, a table of Iberian products at home makes everything more bearable.


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