Strange own goal – St. Gallen loses to Lausanne after a crazy final phase

What happened to FC St. Gallen during the international break? Two weeks after the outstanding 1-0 win against Leader Basel, the Espen made a terrible performance at home against Lausanne.

Ironically, Nuhu, who had canceled FCB top scorer Cabral for 90 minutes at Joggeli, became a tragic figure against the bottom of the table. In the twelfth minute, the central defender knocked a cross from Coyle into his own goal.

Puertas misses penalty

Peter Zeidler reacted at the break and made two changes. That had an immediate effect, shortly after the restart, Görtler narrowly missed the equalizer with his head. In the middle of the St. Gallen pressure phase, Puertas gave away the 2-0 free-standing for Lausanne (59th minute). Joker Guillemenot had the best chance for the eastern Swiss in the 67th minute, when he failed from close range against the strongly reacting Lausanne goalie Diaw.

Then came the crazy final phase: Initially, Puertas had the decision on his feet, but the playmaker only placed a penalty on the crossbar (81). Ouattara also failed to put the ball in the empty Espen goal shortly after a Zigi excursion.

Lausanne for the first time without conceding a goal

On the other hand, Schubert hammered the ball from a short distance, completely free, meters wide over the goal. In the final minute, Mahou also missed the 2-0 with his shot from the post.

Lausanne celebrated its second win of the season and for the first time since March and 26 league games without conceding a goal. The Vaudois temporarily leave the bottom of the table. St. Gallen has to orient itself downwards again after two great performances against YB and Basel. (law)

Voices for the game

Basil Stillhart (St. Gallen): “The first 30 minutes were bad, we didn’t get into the game. We did okay in the second half. The attitude was right, we don’t have to blame ourselves. In the first 30 minutes, we were just unlucky enough to get the goal that decided the game. ”

Stjepan Kukuruzovic (Lausanne): «We put in a solid performance and had a little luck with the own goal. Still, we have many opportunities. We were ready and waited for counter-attack opportunities. In addition, it was a great atmosphere, which also pushed us. As is so often the case when you don’t score, we shouldn’t have complained if the game had ended 1-1. We have to learn to close the sack earlier. ”

Lamine Koné (Lausanne): «I haven’t played in a long time. But it’s a great team and I’m glad I got to play. And yes, voilà, we won straight away. I would like to thank the whole team. “

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