Strasbourg cancels its traditional Christmas market

The disappointment is combined with the incomprehension, Thursday, October 22, at Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), after the announcement by the municipality of the cancellation of the traditional Christmas market. This year, there will be no cabins, no exhibitors. The health crisis finally got the better of tradition. “It’s a shame, because that’s all that makes the city so charming, too”, explains a young woman. “Unfortunately, that’s how it is. We must make do”, comments a woman from Strasbourg, disappointed.

Until the end, however, exhibitors, hoteliers and restaurateurs wanted to believe that this Christmas market would take place. “It is generally said that it is between 30 and 35% of the annual turnover. There, in the hyper-center it will be catastrophic ”, provides a restaurateur. Another major blow, but a cancellation that does not really surprise customers. “It’s true that it will be missing, but I totally understand the decision. Because when you know the Christmas market, you see how crowded people are ”, recalls a regular.

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