Strasbourg: towards a less ambitious sound and light of the cathedral this summer

For several days, the # Touchepasàmôman (môman being the nickname given to Strasbourg Cathedral) has gone viral on social networks to denounce a possible removal of summer sound and light from the cathedral. If the majority EELV denied this “fake news” in block during the city council yesterday, it paves the way for a less flashy summer cultural offer.

Sound and light, but no big mapping projected on the facade of the cathedral, next summer? Difficult to see more clearly after leaving Strasbourg city council, Monday evening. The ecological majority has in any case adopted a deliberation announcing the opening of a call for tenders for the public market for summer events.

“Our project must respond to the health context. We must also hear the inhabitants of the cathedral square who complain about mass tourism ”, confides Jeanne Barseghian, the mayor. From the end of July to the end of September, the night show of the illuminations of the thousand-year-old building welcomes 1 million visitors each year.

“If it’s to have two fire-eaters and three lanterns”

“It is an expensive and ambitious spectacle made possible with the contribution of private funds. By depriving itself of this contribution, the municipal majority will offer us an event, but if it is to have two fire-eaters and three lanterns, we will not gain by the change ”, ironically Alain Fontanel, elected municipal opposition ( LREM).

“There will be a sound and light at the cathedral next summer depending on the offers that will be made to us, but we can very well imagine a show on the Place du Château (adjoining the building) and no longer on the Place de la Cathédrale »Answers Jeanne Barseghian, very annoyed by this« false controversy ».

If the first magistrate assumes “wanting to extend the summer cultural offer beyond the city center”, she also says she is “tired of having to justify herself before projects are established”. One way to anticipate the next controversy? “The town hall will sooner or later have to respond to rumors also indicating a next edition of the Christmas market without its 300 chalets”, already advances Alain Fontanel.

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