strategic renewal after a summer of internal pressures

BarcelonaLacking financial resources despite the traumatic departure of Leo Messi and the necessary weakening associated with the departure of Antoine Griezmann, Barça have given in to Memphis Depay and Ansu Fati to build excitement despite Ronald’s continuity Koeman, a coach who is on the loose. On the one hand, the Dutch striker, who if there was a change on the bench would be left without his main defender, has become “a thread to pull” for the commercial department, which values ​​his football and his position uncomplicated as two key engines for revenue. The former Olympique de Lyon player is an undisputed starter and has appeared to illuminate a future full of doubts, even though Bayern’s day did not even manage to tickle Upamecano and Süle, the Bavarian central defenders. Depay has fallen in love with a lack of joy that awaits with candles the return to the grass of Fati, heir to the number 10 and main hope to begin to see success on the horizon.

The young Spanish-Guinean is completing a tortuous recovery process and is expected to compete again shortly before 11 months have passed since the fateful day when an entry from Aïssa Mandi fractured his meniscus. If there are no last-minute setbacks, the date of their return to the lawn will also be prior to the day the 19 candles are blown (October 31). He completes training at the same pace as his teammates, and medical services estimate that he could play his first minutes between next Thursday’s trip to Cádiz and Levante’s visit to the Camp Nou on 26 September. All this with the aim of getting a little shot in the Champions League match in Lisbon against Benfica, decisive not to start suffering seriously for the qualification for the round of 16 of the maximum competition.

But the saving halo that accompanies Ansu has two asterisks. One is the mystery of his knee: almost a year ago the striker of La Masia did not play an official match and his performance must be judged after four surgeries and a choral work of several recoverers to muscle his cos. And the other is a contractual situation conditioned on an agreement that his agent, the well-known Jorge Mendes, understands that expires on June 30, so that from January 2022 the footballer could freely negotiate a change of scenery. That is why Barça officials are in a hurry to close, despite the context of the crisis, a renewal that is strategic and that has Ansu as its main stakeholder. In fact, in the anteroom of the actual negotiations between the parties, the striker conveyed to his representative that his priority is to stay at the Camp Nou. This was announced at a meeting in a restaurant in Barcelona advanced by Cadena SER.

Pressures from the economic area

Thus, Mendes will meet with Laporta and Alemany, with whom he maintains an excellent relationship, to address an expansion that will benefit Ansu, which will charge more than it receives now. With the agreement, Mendes will also secure a renewal bonus that he would not see if, as was interpreted not long ago in the Camp Nou offices, the contract had two more years to be executed unilaterally by Barça. And most importantly: with the signing of a new contract, the Barça club would give joy to the members and would once again have the upper hand in terms of the situation of one of the most expensive sporting assets it has today. Because, with June 30, 2022 as the end date of the current commitment, Barça cannot be sold with the Spanish-Guinean as the standard-bearer, nor can a millionaire sale be aspired to if necessary.

In fact, this last point was under debate at the club while the transfer market was open. Several sources confirm to ARA that selling Ansu was seen internally as a possible, albeit traumatic, solution to recover the revenue and facilitate the registration of Leo Messi before the Argentine had to reluctantly leave PSG. Moreover, sources familiar with the negotiations between Messi and the club say that the player’s father came to suggest the sale of young players, without entering names, as a way for his son to continue at the club of his life. The environment of the Messi denies this version, in the same way that Joan Laporta denied, in an interview with TV3, that the sale of Ansu was considered. The president, in fact, resisted the pressures he would have received from Messi and especially from those in charge of Barça’s economic area.


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