Technology Strava Update - finally import with Apple Watch Workout

Strava Update – finally import with Apple Watch Workout


The sports app Strava, which is extremely popular among athletes, has received a very useful update. With the Strava update, to version 137.0.0, the app gets full Apple HealthKit integration.
Before you wonder, the Strava app has been supporting access to the Apple Health app for a long time. But with HealthKit the whole thing goes a step further, because you can now import workouts that your Apple Watch records directly into Strava.

Finally import with Apple Watch Workout

Strava: running & cycling

Until now, Apple Watch workouts had to be transferred to the Strava app via a third-party app, such as Healthfit. No rocket science, but always a detour, via a third-party app that (I don’t want to assume anything) evaluates a bit of data depending on the app.
This export worked via a so-called FIT file. This format is used by many fitness services and is therefore a small “quasi standard” for transmission without direct access to the HealthKit.

Unlock Strava HealthKit integration

With the above update to the latest Strava version, the fitness app finally gets direct access.
To activate this, you have to go to your profile in the Strava app. There you click on the settings.

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Under «Applications, Services and Devices» you will find the option to link the Apple with Apple’s interface.

From that point on, Strava reads all the data from your Apple Watch workouts directly. No matter whether you go swimming, cycling or practicing a sport.

The data exchange works in the free as well as in the paid version.


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