Streaming starts in January 2021: The “Equinox” series is a must for “Dark” fans

The Danish mystery drama is at least as tricky as the German production, and you can now meditate on Netflix – that and more are now available for streaming.

The trailer for «Equinox».


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  • A Danish mystery drama series revolves around a missing school class and a parallel universe.

  • Zoë Kravitz embodies a record shop owner obsessed with top 5 lists.

  • Netflix publishes a crash course in meditation.


Anyone who has watched the German Netflix series “Dark” to the end can find a worthy replenishment from the Danish original series “Equinox”: Here, too, there is time travel, a parallel universe, thriller and mystery elements.

That’s what it’s all about: Astrid (Danica Curcic) has been plagued by disturbing visions since her sister Ida (Karoline Hamm) and her school class disappeared without a trace in 1999 – Astrid was nine years old at the time.

A harrowing call

Twenty-one years later it is still unclear what happened to the children. Astrid works as a radio presenter and takes a phone call from a listener on her show that shakes her. He claims to know how the children disappeared.

According to him, you are in another dimension, he himself was part of it. When the caller dies shortly afterwards, Astrid decides that she has to look for answers herself in order to finally find out what happened to her sister and her schoolchildren.

Understand the parallel universe

The debut work of the screenwriter and director Tea Lindeburg is based on a modified version of her podcast “Equinox 1985”.

Hamm spoke a lot with Lindeburg, as she said on the Danish series news portal “Vi Elsker Serier”: “I wanted to understand this parallel universe and be able to understand why Ida was so driven from this place.”

“Equinox” will be available from December 30th. on Netflix.

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«High Fidelity»

In the adaptation of Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity” series, Zoë Kravitz slips into the role of Rob – who does not appear in the original novel. The white man who is the protagonist there became a black, bisexual woman.

The story remains: Rob is obsessed with top 5 lists and talks about her five most drastic breakups, currently she is processing the romance with Mac (Kingsley Ben-Adir).

Lovesick in the record store

The owner of a record shop spends her everyday life suppressing her emotions and talking to her best friend Cherise (Da’Vine Joy Rudolph) and her best friend Simon (David H. Holmes) about what makes a good song.

In the Los Angeles Times, Kravitz explains where the core of the story lies for her: “Rob is slowly realizing that she herself may be the problem. It takes time – getting a little less idiotic can take a long time. ”

“High Fidelity” is available from 1.1. at Sky Show.

The trailer for “High Fidelity”.

Sky Show

«Headspace Guide on Meditation»

How can I deal better with stress and become more attentive in everyday life? Andy Puddicombe knows the answer: The former Buddhist monk and co-founder of the meditation app Headspace guides you through meditation techniques and explains health benefits in an animated Netflix series.

In eight episodes of twenty minutes each, users should be able to learn mindfulness.

“Headspace Guide on Meditation” is available from 1.1. at Netflix.

The trailer for “Headspace Guide on Meditation”.


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