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“Street Basketball 2: Authentic Sequel” pre-login officially launched and released key gameplay introduction-Bahamut

5X Games announced today that the 3v3 real basketball mobile game “Street Basketball 2: The Authentic Sequel》Today, the pre-registration appointment is officially launched, and the introduction to the key gameplay of the game will be released simultaneously, so that players can better understand the gameplay content. In addition, the official also announced that the dual-platform pre-login will be opened in the near future.

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Unique, with different qualities of the same players, your own players train by themselves!

  《Street Basketball 2: The Authentic Sequel“Is the original and powerful sequel to the popular basketball mobile game “Street Basketball”. Continuing the real-time real-time competition method of the original game; under the premise of emphasizing real basketball confrontation on the court, the sequel uses upgraded technology to not only make the pictures of the players and the court more 3D and detailed, but also the characters’ movements and moves such as dribbling and layups. Special effects are also more visually enjoyable. In addition, the underlying detection technology is used to completely block the plug-in issues that are most concerned about competitive games.

In terms of player development, first, a variety of player options with different characteristics have been greatly increased. There are also great customization differences in the talents and skills training of players. In terms of talent development, players can freely define and choose the talent they want to strengthen. In skill training, in addition to the player’s unique skills and explosive skills, the training of general skills also has its own characteristics, such as big windmill slam dunk, rebounds, card positions, steals…, even if they are in the same position, or even the same role player, They will develop different qualities and different qualities from the players. With limited resources for strengthening and upgrading, what attributes and skills need to be improved will be a test of the player’s strategy and greatly improve the playability.

  • Different types of player roles can be cultivated according to their own strategies

  • image

    Even players in the same position can develop different skills, strengths and qualities

The soul of the street, custom courts and personalized fashion, show your FreeStyle

Being able to dress up the home court by oneself can be said to be “Street Basketball 2: The Authentic Sequel》Unique function in today’s basketball game. After each player enters the game, they can choose a court as their representative. When the game starts, the system will randomly select one of the participating courts as the home court. At this time, it is a good time to show your meticulously dressed up and planned home court! From the theme colors of the court, the various graffiti patterns on the ground, the style of the basketball hoop, to the mascots on the court, and even interesting vending machines, stereos… etc., define your own home court!

As for street basketball, the absolutely important soul: fashion, is also readily available. From themed suits, including policewoman costumes, school girls costumes, astronaut costumes, clown costumes, ninja costumes, maid costumes, racing costumes, dinosaur costumes…, to festive costumes, such as Santa Claus costumes, New Year costumes, holidays Cool swimwear, custom-made Teacher’s Day, custom-made Mid-Autumn Festival… and so on, it’s all-encompassing. Or you want pure street fashion personality styles, hats, tops, pants skirts, shoes, glasses, masks, necklaces, back accessories, you can also wear them by yourself, extend your personality, street FreeStyle!

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    Various themes such as policewoman, student girl, etc., with unique characteristics

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    From clothes to masks, necklaces, and back accessories, show your own FreeStyle!

Various modes, the pursuit of No.1 still likes team competitions, hurricaneous ball skills battle is fun!

Various competition modes can satisfy basketball game players with different play preferences. Whether it’s the No.1 ranked ranking that you must pursue as a man, or the competitive 1v1 single bullfighting, 2v2 double cooperation, 3v3 match picking field between friends, or the career mode of clearance and various skill exercises. Mode, no matter what you want to play today, you can go to war at home without going out!

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    A variety of competition modes such as ladder competition and free competition to meet players with different playing preferences

Make an appointment in advance to open immediately, take the enhanced materials, the limited set, and then pull the joystick and mobile phone!

  《Street Basketball 2: The Authentic Sequel》Pre-registration and login are also officially released today. Completing the appointment will not only receive high-level virtual treasure rewards; when the number is full, there are more advanced character cards, character training packages, energy drinks, and participation pre-login talents. Some limited men’s and women’s optional suits… etc. And choose the character you are best at to share publicly, you can also draw the advanced game controller Feizhi joystick, game card, and iPhone 12 Pro mobile phone. Want to enjoy the thrill of hurricane skills and dominance on the court? Hurry up and participate in the advance appointment first, and win at the starting point!


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