Street Fighter 5: Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira from Rival Schools on the menu for the final season – News

The seasonal additions will begin this winter with the debut of Dan, the most quirky member of the photo family to appear in Street Fighter Alpha. The provocation specialist will be releasing at the same time a battery of additional costumes on themes such as nostalgia and sport. More importantly, at the same time there is talk of adding new combat mechanics in addition to new balancing. In the spring of 2021, it is Rose, another character who appeared in Street Fighter Alpha, who will join the great Street Fighter V family by channeling her psychic powers in her trusty scarves. The one who won the Evo 2014 as the face of French Luffy will have her own internship and a wardrobe of five costumes.

Summer will be the busiest season for Street Fighter V with the release of two fighters: Oro, the 140-broom hermit who comes straight from Street Fighter III, but also the chef’s surprise: Akira Kazama, the biker Japanese franchise Rival Schools, a name that we did not expect to type today even if his links with Sakura will serve as a gateway to integrate the Street Fighter ecosystem. This special guest will also have the honors of her own internship but also of 5 costumes (against only 3 for Oro le moche). The conclusion of the Street Fighter V updates will take place in the fall of 2021 with the release of a final still-secret fighter who will be able to don three more costumes. A final balancing is also scheduled to conclude the roadmap.

Pricing details have not been communicated tonight, but it will certainly be possible to get all of the content through a new Season Pass, while still having the option to purchase characters separately. Once the season is over, Street Fighter V will in any case house a total of 45 fighters and 38 stages.


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