Street Fighter V: Dan shows off his fighting style in new trailer

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Capcom is already working on the final season of Street Fighter V, which promises to bring back popular fighters from the franchise and implement some new features to the game mechanics.

The plans are to launch 5 more characters for the title: Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira Kazama and one more fighter who remains a mystery. The first to be available will be Dan, who will join the roster as DLC sometime in the winter.

Its launch is a few months away, but Capcom decided to take advantage of Tokyo Game Show 2020 to take a closer look at Dan’s fighting style. The company released a preview where we see the fighter fight against himself.

This is how Dan will fight in Street Fighter V

If you’re a fan of the franchise, you know that Dan has a similar fighting style to Ryu and Ken. However, the character was intended as a kind of parody of both fighters. Thus, Dan has little solemn movements that almost always reach the ridiculous.

The essence of the character will not change in Street Fighter V, as it will have mocking and apparently ineffective techniques. Despite this, Dan will be a danger if underestimated, as some of his signature techniques and combos will be back.

Plus, Dan will have some new moves to get his rivals in trouble. The character will launch with an extra scenario, additional outfits, as well as additional balance adjustments and non-detailed mechanics for battles.

The fighter boasts in the new advance techniques such as Danretsuken, Gadoken and the wide variety of taunts he will make to his enemies. We do not tell you more and we leave you the video below:

In case you’re wondering, Capcom didn’t talk about the future of Street Fighter at Tokyo Game Show 2020. However, recent reports indicate that Street Fighter 6 was going to debut in 2021, but apparently it was delayed by various problems.

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Street Fighter V is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. Find all the news related to the fighting game in this link.



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