[Street] It’s official, Volkswagen will no longer drive Ducati

Until then, many rumors had circulated, and it is now official: Volkswagen is working on the spin-off of Lamborghini and Ducati. The transaction, largely confirmed by VAG Group Managing Director Herbert Diess, will be part of a program to simplify German operational activities and a simultaneous focus on mass production of electric cars. It remains to be seen when this will be done.

In 2012, the Volkswagen group acquired Ducati before considering separating from the brand 5 years later, but backtracked after the refusal of the unions. However, it seems that between the consequences of Dieselgate and Covid-19, the Volkswagen group wants to invest in electrification.

The issue of electrification was central, but so was the rationalization of the supply of thermal vehicles. The CEO of the group thus confirmed in half words that the creation of a separate entity bringing together the Italian brands of the group was underway.

“We work with our Italian legal structure”, said Herbert Diess, referring not only to MotorValley’s two Italian brands, Ducati & Lamborghini, but also to the Turin-based company Italdesign. For the moment, no final decision has been taken on either the operation or the relative timing, but the words of the top manager clearly indicate that the group has reached an advanced stage of the project with the definition, at least initially, of the structure of this separation.

The future of the Bologna brand is still uncertain. What seems certain is that Volkswagen is heading straight for electricity: Of the 150 billion euros of investment over the next 5 years, 73 will be dedicated to electrification and hybridization.

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