Streetbees founder Tugce Bulut in the podcast Handelsblatt Disrupt

Düsseldorf The London start-up Streetbees collects and analyzes big data for consumer companies. Is artificial intelligence revolutionizing market research?

As a young management consultant, Tugce Bulut was appalled by how little her clients really knew about consumers. Whether new markets, products or campaigns: “We made billions of decisions based on assumptions and multiple-choice surveys,” she says – and that at a time when millions of people were already reporting on their everyday lives on the Internet.

She was convinced: With the possibilities of digital platforms and artificial intelligence, companies could experience live what people are really eating, how they want to dress and groom themselves. In 2015 she founded her own market research company. Today the start-up chats regularly with 3.5 million users, who provide the most intimate insights into their private life – from their favorite drink to their preferences in bed.

In the podcast, Tugce Bulut explains how, with the help of artificial intelligence, trends are read from the huge masses of data, from which customers like PepsiCo, Henkel and Ikea draw ideas for new products.

Munich founder Thomas Regier has also found a well-known partner in Telekom. Their salespeople will also bring the data protection start-up’s software to customers in the future. This should drive the digitization of medium-sized companies. But what has the Dax-Group of it?

The Handelsblatt correspondent Alexander Demling also gives an outlook on the US elections: Can the tech giants Facebook, Twitter and Google influence the decision of the next US president? And what would that be for her
worst scenario in the days before and after the vote?

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