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This year, the music festival could lose some of its spontaneity and friendliness. We know the health protocol for the evening of June 21.

The 2021 edition of the music festival will be special: it will be a music festival but without a concert in the streets. “The number one objective this year is to avoid crowds. So, no improvised music in the streets or in public places. Yet, this is what makes the charm of the music festival for 40 years now “, notes the journalist France Télévisions Alexandre Le Quéré.

“No concert either in bars and restaurants because it could spill over onto the public highway. The instructions from the Ministry of Culture are very clear and the prefectures could also take orders to avoid regroupings”, continues the journalist. The music, “we can listen to it in very specific rooms: auditoriums, performance halls by observing the rules in force. The public must be seated with the mask, and the sanitary pass will be compulsory for shows of more than 1,000 people “.

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