Stricter corona measures for East Tyrol are expiring

The Lienz district was the first region in Austria in which the infection rate had to be combated with tightened measures after the summer. From August 11th, the mask requirement was tightened in all of East Tyrol. FFP-2 masks had to be worn in shops and at all events that were prohibited from 100 people.

These district-wide tightenings expire on Wednesday, September 1st. The compulsory departure test for Innervillgraten will be extended by another week until September 8th. The compulsory exit test imposed at the same time for the second high incidence community in East Tyrol, Oberlienz, has already expired.

Special case Innervillgraten

“While the situation in the district has stabilized overall and chains of infection can largely be traced, we have to extend the observation period for the community of Innervillgraten again show the coming days, ”says Michael Fankhauser, Deputy Head of the Corona Task Force.

The infection situation in East Tyrol worsened at the beginning of Augsut. When the countermeasures were announced, East Tyrol recorded a 7-day incidence of 332, making it the front runner in Austria. On Monday this value was only 118.8.

With the loosening that has now been made, all of East Tyrol (with the exception of Innervillgraten) will be subject to the federal government’s Austria-wide requirements when the ordinance expires.

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