Strictly guarded, this is the atmosphere of the wedding venue Sule and Nathalie Holscher

BEKASI, – Comedy Close and Nathalie Holcher immediately got married today Sunday (15/11/2020), at Tsamara Resto, Jatisampurna area, Bekasi.

From observation at the location of the event, several officers appeared on standby.

When confirmed about the event, one of the officers did not answer about Sule’s marriage. He only said the restaurant was closed to the public.

Likewise, several police officers were also seen on guard at the location.

“Don’t know (who married). But today Tsamara is closed to the public, “an officer told

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Meanwhile, visible from a distance there is a reception chair.

Unfortunately, according to a wedding committee, media crews were not allowed to enter the venue.

“Sorry we don’t allow other media besides ANTV, Rans Entertainment, Maxstream,” said the committee, who declined to be named. C Rantung The atmosphere inside Tsamara Resto, Bekasi, West Java, Sunday (15/11/2020).

From inside the venue, there were also neatly arranged chairs in white.

The plan, the marriage contract of Sule and Nathalie Holscher will be broadcast live on private TV and Rans Entertainment at 16.00 WIB.

It is known, Sule and Nathalie Holscher have known each other since 2012.

However, their closeness only took place in mid-2020 after the collaboration for YouTube content.

It didn’t take long for Sule to choose Nathalie Holscher as his life companion.

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