Stroke response tips

Dangerous moments that we, ordinary citizens, may encounter at any time in our daily lives. What if you were to experience the very same safety accident that happens every day very close to us?
‘What if today’ delivers valuable information that will protect you when that dangerous moment approaches you.

A valuable tip to protect you

Stroke is one of the diseases that require special attention during the changing seasons such as these days when the temperature difference between days is widening. When a cold wind blows in the morning and evening, the body temperature drops, muscles and blood vessels contract, and blood pressure rises.

▣ In the event of a stroke, the patient should be safely transported to the emergency room as soon as possible. In general, if the blocked blood vessels are pierced within 3 hours, brain damage can be greatly reduced. If you download and access the smartphone app ‘Stroke 119’, you can find medical institutions that can perform thrombus removal surgery nearby.

▣ Patients who have had a stroke are more likely to recur in a state in which the cerebral blood vessels are already damaged. For this reason, it is important to develop a healthy lifestyle to prevent a stroke from recurring. Specifically, you should eat fresh food and avoid excessively vegetarian diets. Also, exercise regularly, reduce stress and overwork, and stop smoking and alcohol. Finally, regular monitoring through regular hospital visits is also necessary.


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