Strong breeze left the artisans of the Malecón del Río without a fair

Sad and worried. This is how the artisans who were affected for the strong breeze that has hit Barranquilla and the rest of the Caribbean region, and that devastated Wednesday night with the tents set up for the fair located on the Gran Malecón del Río.

The value of the losses caused is still unknown, but those affected calculate that they are millionaires, since some of them lost all their merchandise, for example, the sellers of traditional sweets.

Robert Enrique Correa Blanco, one of those affected said it was a very distressing moment. He related that the night was going calmly, although the breeze felt strong. From one moment to the next, the wind increased speed and gusts carried the tents in their wake.

“My hut was next to the river, it was the first layer that the wind blew away. It was too strong a breeze that caused us distressing moments. We had a lot of losses, all the merchandise, all the investment we made in wood. I ran out to help the neighbor who sold sweets and had a glass case that also fell. Many people arrived immediately, but what they did was steal our belongings, they did not help us, “said Correa Blanco.

The booths and various display items collapsed, injuring some people, so the personnel in charge of the tourist site evacuated the visitors to avoid a major emergency; in addition, they restricted the passage through the place while the debris was being removed.

Martha Ariza, president of the Fundación Artesanal y Folclórica for the strengthening and promotion of cultural values, said that about twelve people were beaten as a result of the collapse of the tents, but that none were serious. Similarly, he commented that hours before the incident they had received a news that made them happy and that was overshadowed.

“They made space for us here for a craft fair from February 8 to March 8. Until 6:30 p.m. m. That day we were happy because they suggested to us that they were going to extend our term of stay for another fifteen days by the IDB Assembly, We knew that there would be more flow of people here in the city and that would help us”Ariza explained.

The artisans hope that they can be given another opportunity like this on the site, and that it can be permanently to market their products to visitors to the Gran Malecón del Río.

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