Strong hurricane gusts – Storm Hendrik causes damage in Western Europe – News

  • Because of the hurricane Hendrik, there is a train interruption between Wasserauen (AI) and Gossau (SG) until 7 p.m. Malfunctions at Utzendorf (BE) and Reuchenette-Péry in the Jura have now been resolved.
  • Hendrik achieved wind speeds of almost 140 km / h in Switzerland. There were numerous reports of damage.
  • In Germany, France and the Czech Republic, the storm raged even more violently than in Switzerland. There were numerous train and power outages.

Storm Hendrik crossed Switzerland from west to east on Thursday morning. The foothills of the cold front caused the temperatures to drop quickly. The storm was blowing at hurricane strength on the Jura Heights.

There was numerous damage: in Ramsen in the canton of Schaffhausen, the storm knocked over a tree. Not an isolated case: the police reported dozens of incidents in which fallen trees or objects were blown onto the roadway. The Bern canton police, for example, registered 50 reports of storm damage by Thursday noon. Nobody has been injured in this country so far.

Wind: peak value on the Moléson

The most violent storm was on the Moléson FR with 138 km / h. On the Chasseral in the Jura, the gusts reached peaks of 134 kilometers per hour. The weather service registered the same value on Zurich’s Üetliberg.

In the lowlands the gusts reached over 100 km / h in some areas, for example in Aesch BL with 126, Egolzwil LU with 108 and in Schaffhausen with 104 km / h.

The storm reached speeds between 70 and 90 kilometers per hour in many places, and it was raining heavily in some places. By noon, the storm was largely over, and temperatures rose again during the day.

Damage in large parts of Europe

The storm is driven by Tief Ignatz with his Randtief Hendrik. The hurricane low has led to severe restrictions in rail traffic in Germany, for example in Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

France is also badly affected. There were also power outages. About 250,000 households are without electricity, wrote network operator Enedis.

The storm also caused property damage and traffic obstructions in the Czech Republic. At least two car occupants were trapped and seriously injured. Roofs were torn from houses. More than 60,000 households were temporarily without electricity due to damaged overhead lines. There were significant delays and train cancellations across the country in rail traffic.

Storm sweeps through Europe

Some serious damage and traffic disruptions were also reported from Belgium and the Netherlands.

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